Royal Cure was established out of a need for accessible quality medical care in the UAE.

Royal Cure creates and introduces new products and services in the market which help and ensure that we receive the best care for ourselves and our family members. Our vision is to become the leading contributors in the medical tourism industry in the UAE, offering our customers the best medicaland healthcare services with the highest level of transparency and quality

Selecting Top Healthcare Providers

Supporting HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s 2020 vision of making Dubai a center of medical excellence, Royal Cure has selected the top clinics to be part of their network of healthcare providers.

Creating Exciting Products

Royal Cure creates exciting and life-changing products that aim to encourage medical tourism as well as benefit the patients in terms of quality health and financial savings.

Establishing Healthcare Destinations

to establish safe and exciting healthcare destinations for our customers and to provide them with high quality medical services and professional physicians whom we personally evaluate.

Loyalty Card

Nowadays, the United Arab Emirates has a lot of constituents that enable it toenjoy a great share of medical tourism. There is no doubt that it hasformed a secure and stable environment which has contributed in attractingforeign tourists, senior doctors and healthcare experts who run internationalclinics, medical centers and hospitals. Our membership card was tailored to offer patients 30% discount on healthcare treatments at top clinics in the UAE.

We aim to reach the maximum number of people across the world, enabling everyone with access to our network and share their experiences with other patients through multiple forums. We will also help them find the information they need on the best doctors, hospitals, and medical services through extensive directories.

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