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UAE Medical Tourism

Today, the United Arab Emirates has many constituents which enables the country to enjoy a great share of medical tourism worldwide. There is no doubt that it has formed a secure and stable environment which has contributed in attracting foreign tourists, senior doctors and healthcare experts who run international clinics, medical centres and hospitals.

Recently, the UAE has a marked increase in the number of foreign tourists who prefer to receive treatment there, and according to official statements, these numbers are expected to increase dramatically by 2020. We work hard to support this increase and do our best to contribute to achieving the vision of the United Arab Emirates rulers’ towards the evolution of health services and medical tourism.


oyal Cure is based on encouraging and attracting Arab and foreign tourists primarily from the GCC countries, Iran, Russia, and Africa. The cost of treatment in the UAE is less than the same treatment in America and Europe, and is no doubt more than Southeast Asian countries, but the price should not be the only

factor to take into consideration – rather it should be considered as part of a comprehensive package of services for obtaining the best quality and for focusing on patient privacy and rights.

Royal Cure is one of its kind in the country to provide health services to its clients in collaboration with a group of specialized hospitals and medical centres in several specialties, most notably specialties of ophthalmology, dentistry, gynecology , physiotherapy, cosmetics, veterinary, dermatology and more specialties through direct discounts for beneficiaries of health services in the country, which contributes in building bridges of trust and transparency between Royal Cure and its cardholders.

The role of Royal Cure in this regard can be summarized in the following points:
  • Boosting healthcare tourism in the United Arab Emirates
  • Contracting with the best and most important clinics, medical centres and hospitals in the country.
  • Effectively participating in medical conferences and exhibitions outside the country to stimulate visitors and introduce them to medical tourism in the UAE.
  • Continuous communication with foreign tourists within and outside the country to strengthen the confidence and motivate them to apply for a Royal Cure membership